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  • I am ashamed to be Polish !!!
    I am ashamed to be Polish !!! My post today is about Poland my homeland and country which I am come from. Before I get to the point I want to say Poland it is beautiful country from the mountains to the sea with interesting history and fascinating traditions. I am not ashamed of thisContinue reading “I am ashamed to be Polish !!!”
  • I am back !
    Firstly I would like to apologise my lovely follower for very long time my being quite/ not active here. I am really sorry! What it is going in my life right now . My life did not change much still working 5 days a week from home. Now live should be easier because UK 🇬🇧Continue reading “I am back !”
  • Difference or Normality
    What is Difference ? Do I am different or it is something wrong with me? What it’s to be normal? I often ask myself this question and I often come to the same conclusion. That normal it is a relative and undefined concept and every one ☝️ it is different . Often this ,,you areContinue reading “Difference or Normality”

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