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  • Second Lockdown here we go again.
    Soon in UK will start second national lockdown.To be honest I don’t know how to feel about it because I am not for or against it. Why? To be truthful  look like last 8 months I am in this personal lockdown I am rarely going out just with dogs for walk,I am working from home, IContinue reading “Second Lockdown here we go again.”
  • Difference or Normality
    What is Difference ? Do I am different or it is something wrong with me? What it’s to be normal? I often ask myself this question and I often come to the same conclusion. That normal it is a relative and undefined concept and every one ☝️ it is different . Often this ,,you areContinue reading “Difference or Normality”
  • Men’s Best friend
    Dog are men’s   best friend I am complete agree with this saying us person who love dog and prod owner of two of them  but way ? The loyal because   the always there for me. They will do absolutely anything for me. But the loyalty come from our bond witch we build with each otherContinue reading “Men’s Best friend”

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