In march 2020 just before lockdown  and beginning of pandemic   I did stood with my friends/work colleague’s  smoking cigarette and joking “ this it is just  flu  why people panicking, winter will end  flu season too,, this  was then what it is now.

Now after 7 month in this new reality  I started  be scare  but  I am not scared abut my self  but abut people witch are important  for me because  I know  this virus it is not danger for everyone but  every one of us  have in the life  grandmother ,grandfather  who are older  and  this virus  will inpact them.

In my situation I have mother witch  is living   alone 3000 kilometres away from me  and I can not be there ,my partner who have asthma  or my friends witch have  adders illness I worried abut them but again I can not do nothing abut it  just  support  them the best way I can.

But the worse and the most scare  part in this pandemic it is  people starting from our politic like  My prime minister Boris Johnson witch I don’t  think he have idea what he are talking abut it and to prove how good hie is  he use children nursery rhymes  next the most powerful person in word it is ,, Boris Johnson twin brother  just orange ,, Donald tramp witch  think he is ,,Good,,  because he supposed to have this illness . But we have ,,normal,, people  witch are irresponsible  witch don’t follow  rules  and don’t care abut adder human being .

But I can  not do noting with it  so sometime someone told me  I should focus  on things  witch I can control   and for sure  I can not control virus ,people ,politicians, why not focus on thinks which I  can control like:

  1. 8 hours sleep witch it is good for helth
  2. Same type body movements
  3. Contact with family and friends
  4. Follow rules 
  5. Help adders if I can

You see I think 21st century it is the best time to have and live thru pandemic because we have smartphones, internet, unlimited tv, podcast etc. It not us this bad like 50 years   ago so this its positive vison of current situation

I hope this will help you someway or if you need help message or contact professional organization like:



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