Men’s Best friend

Dog are men’s   best friend I am complete agree with this saying us person who love dog and prod owner of two of them  but way ?

The loyal because   the always there for me. They will do absolutely anything for me. But the loyalty come from our bond witch we build with each other and the unconditional love to his human. Dogs are great company for us definitely for me. When you are feeling lonely and down the there for   you to pick you up-they always help me they are my reason to move out of bed. House without   dog    feel empty my do. Dogs are    always happy to see us. We can learn from dogs take each day as come and enjoyed every little moment and appreciate time with our family. Dogs can have benefits for health they will help us to have exercises when you are taking them for regular walks and help people with    same difficult health condition. Dog are will protect if the feel you are in danger. Dogs will be there for us no matter what no like people you cont. cannot always.

Sametime I think dogs are better companion then human, and they don’t hurt you without reason how people can.

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