Difference or Normality

What is Difference ?

Do I am different or it is something wrong with me?

What it’s to be normal?

I often ask myself this question and I often come to the same conclusion. That normal it is a relative and undefined concept and every one ☝️ it is different . Often this ,,you are different concept”is used in relation to other people when we think that other person is different or behave differently but even sometimes we use it in relation to ourselves because our own not-like behaviours deviate from the rules and regulations taught or adopted by ourselves. The definition of word ,,normality” according to the dictionary says that normal person does everything as they should be or is,mentally healthy or physically. What I think 🤔 is very harmful you can not put everyone in this same category to give everyone the same qualities and values because this results in restricting originality of individual and otherness of other.

If you have your own style,approach,opinions and you are not afraid to express yourself. If you fall ill or have different sexual orientation or are born as a person with disability then this is not sign of violation normality and you are not out of line.

I personally believe that this rigid rules which periodically affect us as normal people were once written and defined by someone who was not open minded and they are so unfair and open door 🚪 to discrimination and the are misrepresented the world 🌍 that surrounds us. Therefore, I am firmly adhering to this principles and people who believe in them and I am saying NO . Every one of us is different and has the right to his/her/it individuality and to irresponsibility . It’s dose not matter who you are and how you are look, what you wear, what you know, what you priorities are,what you dream of,what you sexuality preference are and what you will live to….I am happy to be different not normal.
  1. I am happy to be gay and part of world of LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 people.
  2. I am happy to have my views and opinions.
  3. I am happy to look like I do.
  4. I am pleased with my imperfections
  5. I am glad that people who are important to me accept me as I am.
  6. I am happy I am dyslectic .

There is no beauty without difference and diversity. Love is unconditional. 💓 🏳️‍🌈

Don’t reach for normal reach for better.

Good podcast to listen to if you’re interested


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