Second Lockdown here we go again.

Soon in UK will start second national lockdown.To be honest I don’t know how to feel about it because I am not for or against it.

Why? To be truthful  look like last 8 months I am in this personal lockdown I am rarely going out just with dogs for walk,I am working from home, I am rarely see my friends in pub or restaurant I was as many times as my hands have fingers. No because of I am afraid of this virus only because we have a lot of irresponsible idiots around us. Because if I get this virus I could infect people who are important to me and the are in group of risk and I don’t want it this to happen.

Back to the point of matter lockdown everything has pros and cons, these are  mine that I want to share with you:

Pros of lockdown :

  1. Reducing amount of infection.
  2. Spending more time with love ones.
  3. Working from home
  4. Break whenever you want.
  5. No getting up early.
  6. Calm Atmosphere (if you don’t have children)
  7. Don’t need spending time with people with you don’t like.
  8. Better work live balance .
  9. Less carbon emissions .
  10. Appreciated what we have like … garden, work…
  11. Appreciate keys workers like… NHS Staff,Care Staff,Teachers, Shop Staff,(this list is long I just would like to say THANK YOU !!!!)
  12. Time to Reflect and Stop.
  13. And same of us manage to save money.

Cons of lockdown :

  1. Economy is getting worse.
  2. People loosing their jobs.
  3. Mental Health this is one of the worse of cons especially in winter when we have less light darker days people more likely to safer with depression.
  4. Our freedom it is restricted.
  5. Missing face to face contact with people.
  6. Businesses are closing.
  7. Education is safer.
  8. Loose of music and art.
  9. Realisation of how many irresponsible people are around us.

As previously mentioned everyone have the own pros and cons and I do believe maybe now it is not perfect but better day will come. Once someone told me,,what doesn’t kill us will makes us stronger,,

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