I am back !

Firstly I would like to apologise my lovely follower for very long time my being quite/ not active here. I am really sorry!

What it is going in my life right now . My life did not change much still working 5 days a week from home.

Now live should be easier because UK 🇬🇧 reopen from lockdown now fully (Personally I am disagree with it) I do have to dose of my vaccine that means I safer than I was year ago.


I feel like I am not positive as usual/ I am not myself. Do this is depression ? I don’t know it is difficult for me to answer.I did struggle with depression but this time is different I getting up to work I getting on with life just nothing brings me any more happiness. Maybe this is just burnout I can not answer this to. Maybe I am just tried with our pandemic life…… Probably

Let’s hope this feeling don’t last long and if any of you feel down just talk with someone or do something what makes you happy.

I am here if you need me.

See you soon.😀

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