This is me 🙂

My name it is Mateusz. Welcome to my blog little bit about me. Originally from Poland 🇵🇱 but living last 10 years in UK 🇬🇧,gay ,dyslectic . Lover of animals and proud owner of 2 beautiful dogs 🐕.

I am Passionate about Psychology and Mental Health .I am very Excited about this initiative because I feel and I thing we are need something like that   because everyone know adult live it is  not easy everyone have  the problems  and often they taking over our live   witch then impact our professional live over shadowing our potential  or make us under performance  Knowing you have  someone there who will  tray help you by shearing the story or experience and will be there for you when you need them straight away will be helping you protecting you mind and when you Head space it  is  clearer and safer  you life become little bit easier.

I am not scared to share with you my Interest my struggle and my own opinion.

Every person Have Same problems because life has many shades of grays why not sharing them and learning from it .

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